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Typically, our clients approach us with a business need, which we expand on during the initial business consultancy, complementing the requirements with technology and domain requirements.

By defining the tasks to be performed and their sequence, the outlines of an IT project will be drawn. We support our clients in building trust and confidence to develop business visions into business goals and deliver them on time and on budget.

Aiming for sustainable continuity

Creating an environmentally conscious, paperless office and sustainable continuity becomes important

Lack of automation

Let robots do the manual work, leave the creative work to humans

Processes are not automatic

We need self-driven processes with less human intervention

Slow information flow

Not fast enough flow of information in- and outside of the organisation

No re-planning/confirmation

No time to redesign or strengthen your business processes

Daily routine and its drawbacks

The daily routine can easily drag down the management team, making it difficult to see new opportunities

Firefighting every day

Enough with the constant firefighting, stability needs to be introduced into the day-to-day processes to free up capacity to develop the business

Many must-do tasks

We cannot do what we love and what we are good at, but what we have to do.

Volatile business environment

Difficult to navigate in a volatile business and/or market environment

Why is there a need for external expert support?

How can
help you?

Top-level project management

With nearly 15 years of international IT project management experience, we can see where there is potential for improvement in your business.

Reducing invisible costs

Drastically cutting invisible, resource-wasting business costs.

Process redesign and implementation

Redesigning and implementing business processes with application support where necessary.

Focused knowledge transfer

In addition to the technical modernisation that digitalisation brings, the roll-out also includes user support. Our tasks include training these users and helping them to accept and "get to know" the new system environment.

Business IT Planning

Business plan with process and IT support to "make the numbers work".

Detecting system failures and risks

We provide analytical support to detect any systemic, hidden flaws or risks.

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A - Business IT consultancy

An integral part of our role is to provide ongoing business support to ensure that plans are successfully implemented, involving the executive teams.


B - Data management

Maintaining or moving business data that has reached the "critical mass" without expertise can slow down or even paralyse business processes.


C - Web portal developments

Our design approach allows us to keep up to date with today's and tomorrow's requirements, adapting to the content on demand.

D - Online Marketing Assistance

A marketing strategy based on thorough research will help you achieve your business goals in the long term.

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E - Microsoft 365 roll-out

Implementing cloud-based technology is essential for efficient business operations.

We offer a free consultation to help you assess your digitalisation needs, contact us!

F - Network infrastructure management

The design and maintenance of the network infrastructure also plays a crucial role in the efficiency of work in SMEs.

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We optimise your business in 3 steps

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We evaluate your company’s operational process, strengths and development potential. We will identify cost, time and energy-consuming processes, as well as untapped opportunities in technology and specialisation.

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We develop processes and appropriate technology solutions to meet your company’s current and future business needs.

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After the technical implementation of the new solution, we support the training of your team and the adoption of the optimised processes.



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