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Setup and maintenance of network infrastructure

The (network) infrastructure is an important part of a company's IT processes. Similarly, it can be said to be the network of nerves in a business where management and operational executives interact closely on a daily basis.

F01 - Design, implementation and operation of network infrastructure

Routing and switching solutions for TCP-IP network protocols, with IPv4 and IPv6 versions

Configure and use ARP, DNS, DHCP, SFTP, Web and other basic services

VPN services based on PSEC, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN

Hálózati infrastruktúra

F02 – Target specific hardware

We provide procurement and implementation support for components, network and hardware elements that are more difficult to obtain, may no longer be available or are currently scarce on the market. We are also available for the procurement of specialised hardware and rarely used technologies.

We ensure: configuration (domain, firewall, performance, users, roles, updates, security settings), monitoring (logging, event management, backup and archiving), hardware scanning and optimal operation of system components. All this while ensuring redundancy avoidance and scalability.

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