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Web portal development

In all cases, development is preceded by a comprehensive needs assessment and requirements analysis to align current and future business requirements with the technological implementation.

As important as the technical design is, it is mostly secondary for the visitors of the site. The most important thing is still the web design, which is closely related to web development. The design is based on YOUR criteria. Very often the design and the image are developed together. It is common to find websites on the web without a concept, it is important to stand out and harmonise the main message of your site with a clear focus to the visitors. Our aim is not only to give our customers the ‘Wow!!!’ experience, but also to generate conversions from their visits.

We work with the most up-to-date frameworks that best meet today’s needs, be it WordPress, Laravel or NodeJS. We consider it important that the development environment best fits your business needs, while remaining maintainable, secure and fast.

C01 - Web portal development


Our design approach is up-to-date, meeting the needs of today and tomorrow, adapting to the content on demand. With our international experience behind us, we have a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of web design trends, so that we can create tomorrow’s identity today.

As with people, the first 15 seconds of a website’s life determine whether it has captured the viewer’s attention. Talent is not enough to create a well-designed website, it takes years of expertise and routine. Trends are constantly changing, and what was cool 5 years ago is no longer so.


The user doesn’t see what functions are running in the background, they are only interested in making sure that the design body – the frontend – is fast, functional and bug-free. Backend processes are as important as the look and feel, and backend development can be the real engine of a website.

Low-complexity websites are faster to develop and do not require much maintenance. From the client’s point of view, however, updating content is cumbersome and in most cases it is better to leave it to a professional. Typically, this solution is used for temporary websites such as product landing pages.

For multifunctional websites, we are at your side from the design stage to guide you through the conceptualisation process, planning the features, processes, capacity and size of your future website. With dynamic websites, there is the opportunity for interaction between the visitor and the website operator (and in some cases the administrator). Although content editing is often really easier and does not require a great deal of professional background, the operation of a website requires much more expert maintenance.

C02 - Specialised application development

Specific needs require a specific way of dealing with them. There are no template constraints here, we offer you the opportunity to develop a customized web application that is tailored to your needs and those of your partners.

A skilled project manager will take care of all phases of the project from design to implementation and site live. Custom web application development provides you with modularity, structure, enhanced IT security and maintainability.

We work with Agile methodology and provide insights on the steps to turn a project into a product. There are no dead ends and no unpleasant surprises at the end of an extended development lifecycle. As a result of continuous consultation and collaboration, there are no misunderstandings and you can gradually adopt the new business processes that come with the new system.

Specifikus alkalmazás-fejlesztés

C03 - Launching a webshop

Webshop bevezetése

The full launch of an online store is a complex project that should not be underestimated. Preparation requires at least as much time and effort on the part of the client and the contractor as the implementation of the webshop itself. There are many aspects to be worked out in depth, to mention only the most important ones:

In line with the marketing strategy, the basic requirement for an online store is to be transparent and to encourage potential customers to buy. It is important that the technical solutions also help potential customers to complete their purchase.

People prefer to shop in a tastefully decorated online store where everything is very easy to find, rather than in a cluttered warehouse. So it is in online stores. Therefore, putting together an online store has to be done in synergy with a lot of other business activities, which brings us back to the importance of the design concept.

C04 - Support for web applications

If your car isn’t maintained, an unexpected breakdown can put you in an uncomfortable situation. You won’t make it to your appointment on time. The same applies to web applications. Systems that are properly and regularly maintained are better protected against various cyber attacks and phishing attempts.

Once we’ve delivered the web application to you, we’ll still be there to provide technical support or help you update the content. That way you can rest assured that “if your car does break down, the mechanic will be there within a few hours to fix the problem”.

Webalkalmazás támogatás

C05 - Web hosting service

If required, we will provide the appropriate hosting service, through which the content (information, images, videos) you wish to display on the website will be stored and available to visitors. We also provide for the assessment and continuous monitoring of hosting capacity in line with your business requirements.

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